To keep it going: Colleagues in action

The man who makes the cars fit for delivery. A call to Martin Erdmann, automotive mechatronics engineer in the delivery service of the Transparent Factory.

Martin, what exactly do you do?

In the delivery service workshop we do the handover inspection for all vehicles that the sales colleagues in the Transparent Factory hand over to customers. That means, for example: Reading out error memories, checking all filling levels and checking the air pressure and torques of the wheels. Our partner Distrex provides the high gloss. I enjoy my work. Also, because we work well together as a team and are very meticulous so that our customers receive a top product. To achieve this, we all put our heart and soul into our work every day.

When did you return to work?

Deliveries to customers started again on April 20, most of my 10 colleagues and I started five days earlier. On the first day it was a really strange feeling to see the factory so empty. Fortunately, more and more colleagues are now gradually returning. I am very happy that it is starting again.


How do you protect yourself at work?

Our head of department taught us about the protective measures before starting work. The workplaces were delimited so that the distances can be kept. There are hygiene signs everywhere, mouth and nose protection and disinfectants are available. This is well prepared. I have a good feeling at work.

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