“E” is for exciting: Tips for the first drive in your ID.

Driving an electric vehicle can mean having to adopt a new approach in many respects. Here are some tips and rules to keep in mind before setting off on the first drive in your ID.

Are you the proud owner of a new ID. and are now planning your first long drive? Don’t worry, you are sure to enjoy it enormously! However, given the special charging needs and driving properties of electric cars and the still early stage of the charging network in many places, you should note the following tips and rules. Before embarking on your first major trip in an electric car, be sure to consider the following:

  • Find out in advance how you can pay at the charging stations you are likely to use. Please note that it is generally not possible to use an EC card or credit card. Instead you’ll need a special card.
    You’ll find information about charge card providers on these and other sites:

    www.goingelectric.de (in German)
    www.plugsurfing.com (in German)
2. Make sure the legs of your trip are not too long
  • Charging points can be occupied, broken, or out of service for maintenance.
  • You are not yet familiar with the vehicle, so are not yet able to estimate your car’s power consumption on freeways.
  • Power consumption is greatly affected by the number of passengers, amount of luggage, outside temperature and road surface quality.