To keep it going: Colleagues in action

Delivery coordination from the children's room: A call to Susanne Fischer, sales associate of the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden.

Susanne, what kind of work is currently in store for the sales department of the Transparent Factory? No deliveries are currently being made there.

True, but we'll be delivering again soon. And this start must be prepared! A core team with four sales colleagues is on duty during the production shutdown, with additional colleagues supporting them in turn. One important task, for example, is to staff the hotline for customers and trading partners. We work in two shifts, and a lot of questions come in. One must not forget: The vehicle tower is well filled, many customers still want to pick up their car from us. This loyalty is a strong motivation in these difficult times.

When deliveries resume, will everything be the same as before?

No, of course we will also adhere to the rules of distance and hygiene in sales, and there are a lot of plans in the pipeline. We already practised a quick, short vehicle handover in the days before the production shutdown. There were four cars in parallel at times - even on the terrace when the weather was fine. That was rather a better way of handing over the keys, without much instruction. But the customers understood, nobody complained. On the contrary: they were very grateful that they still got their car. And I realized again: Operationally and adapted to current circumstances, we can do that.


How do you organize your working day?

I work almost exclusively from home, currently in the children's room of my little daughter Paulina. I describe it as an improvised but functional transitional office. Sometimes Paulina also wants to communicate something in Skype conferences, which makes me feel rather uncomfortable and I'm grateful for the understanding of my colleagues. I see it this way: special situations require special measures. It has always been excellent for us in Dresden to react flexibly to new situations.

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