To keep it going: Colleagues in action

The colleague for (almost) all questions: A call to Siiri Timm, HR specialist of the Transparent Factory Dresden

Mobile work: Siiri Timm's workplace is currently within her home. Essential: The headset for Skype conferences.

Siiri Timm is a HR specialist at the Transparent Factory. She has been working in the Human Resources department since 2007. Before that, the 46-year-old was assistant to the plant management for two and a half years. Together with two colleagues, she looks after all employees of the Transparent Factory - in matters from employment contract to time recording.

Hello Siiri, where are we catching you right now?
I work from home, like some other employees from the indirect sector. And it's a lot to do, because during the non-production time I'm the contact person on the HR department side for all colleagues. A lot of phone, a lot of Skype - and the realization: it works out well! Also because the technology is stable and reliable. The IT department has managed that well.

Is your work from home different from your office?
Not really, my calendar is similarly full. Sick leave, a subsidy from Volkswagen for short-time working, work certificates for employees on the emergency list - with 380 employees, there are always questions. And there's usually time for a quick chat, that's part of the job. My impression is that we are moving even closer together in the current phase. That is good.

Are you missing something?
Sure, the quick exchange of ideas in the office, the "incidental noticing" of topics that are missing. You have to organize yourself differently. For example, gathering your topics for meetings, so you don't talk to each other on the phone more than necessary. Time discipline is also an issue, because on some days one Skype conference follows the next. But working from home for a certain time also has something positive about it, for example shorter distances. But I'm already looking forward to the day when it's back to the office.

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