Journalist workshop: Incubator startup ChargeX presents charging solution in Berlin

The former incubator startup ChargeX presented itself in front of 30 German media representatives at today's journalists' workshop on the topic of "Charging".

CEO Tobias Wagner explained his innovative idea of the multiple socket. The idea behind it is as clever as it is cost-effective: Only a wallbox has to be permanently installed, which is connected according to the principle of an intelligent multiple socket and can be extended by up to six modular charging points using a "Plug&Play" adapter system.

"Volkswagen has very ambitious plans in the field of e-mobility. Our flexibly expandable charging solution now helps to quickly set up the urgently needed charging infrastructure." Tobias Wagner

The first installation took place a few weeks ago in the underground car park of the Transparent Factory. Pilot projects are also planned at other Volkswagen locations.