This is the start of something new

With the start of the balance sheet CO2 neutral final assembly of the ID.3 in the Transparent Factory Dresden, the customer experience for ID. prospective customers is now complete.

ID.3: Power consumption combined: 16.2-15.1 kWh/100 km; CO₂-emissions combined: 0 g/km; CO₂-class: A. Information on consumption, CO₂-emissions and CO₂-classes, shown in ranges, depends on the selected vehicle equipment.

Consultation and configuration in the ID. Store, test drive or test seat in the current ID. Models. ID.3 experience production and vehicle acceptance in the newly installed delivery area directly on the production line: With the start of the balance sheet CO₂ neutral final assembly of the ID.3, the Transparent Factory offers a holistic customer experience for ID. Prospective buyers.

Anyone interested in the first two models of the all-electric ID. family that are available for sale can now enjoy an all-round service at the Transparent Factory. This starts with the "First Touch" which, in addition to getting to know the car, test sitting and test driving it, also allows a tour of the production of the ID.3.

Join the experience*

If you want to increase your anticipation and shorten the waiting time for your new vehicle, you can take advantage of our do-it-yourself offer. It offers the opportunity to accompany the ID.3 along the production line for a while. At selected stations, you can lend a hand yourself under the expert guidance of our production employees. You can only get this close to automobile production here at the Transparent Factory!

If your future vehicle is being manufactured in the Transparent Factory and time permits, you can even accompany the production of your own vehicle.

Digital services

With your new ID. you enter into a smart connection from the very first drive: Thanks to digital networking via We Connect Start, you can get digital assistants on board who provide topical info on charging management or traffic and operate selected functions remotely via smartphone:

  • Ready to go when you are.

    Want to check the remaining range of your ID. Model? Via your smartphone, you can use the We Connect ID. App, you can always keep an eye on the charge level and remaining range of the battery and check whether the charging cable is connected. If so, you can start or stop the charging process from your couch.

  • All set for you.

    Is it hot or bitterly cold outside? Via app, you can conveniently ensure your comfortable temperature in your ID. Because your air conditioning can be started or stopped via smartphone and set to your desired temperature.

  • Fully networked with charging stations.

    With We Connect Start, you can find a connection. Once the battery reserve of your ID. Model is reached, the app automatically searches for charging stations nearby and displays prices, opening hours, slip status and plug type.

  • Always have good maps in traffic.

    In the models of the ID. Family, your navigation maps are automatically up to date. This is because the infotainment system updates and installs the map material directly in the car at regular intervals when an online connection is established.

You can find out how to use We Connect Start, install it on your smartphone and establish the smart connection to your ID. in our We Space and, of course, from our product experts. They will also explain how to use We Charge to find a smart solution through which your ID. model with charging power at home and on the road throughout Europe - transparent solution included.

Charging options and natural electricity offers

The all-round support for our ID. customers mentioned at the beginning also includes advice on charging options and natural power, because after all, the use of your ID. should also make a positive contribution to the CO2 balance in the long term. With the ID. Charger, Volkswagen offers you the optimal charging solution for your home, tailored to your wishes and conditions.

Advice and configuration as well as information on government subsidies and Volkswagen's natural power offers are available at our ID. Store.

If you are interested, please contact us at

0351 – 420 4411

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