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Volkswagen Saxony and the state capital Dresden sign a partnership agreement on electromobility and digitalisation

Dr. Siegfried Fiebig, spokesman for Volkswagen Saxony and Dresden mayor Dirk Hilbert signed a memorandum of understanding on the 2 November 2016 at the Gläserne Manufaktur.

 The objective is to turn Dresden into a model city for electromobility, digitization and innovative fleet management (car-sharing). As a result, the traffic in the city should be cleaner, quieter, safer and more comfortable. Highly automated, networked driving and parking, software services for mobility, innovative traffic management and air pollution control are additional cornerstones of the partnership. The Gläserne Manufaktur will be gradually be expanded into a "Center of Future Mobility” as part of this.

Siegfried Fiebig stressed that: "We don’t want to wait and see, we need to forcefully shape the mobility of the future ourselves. Volkswagen Saxony and the state capital want to bring citizens with them into the digital age with intelligent concepts for electromobility, digitisation and municipal fleet management. With Dresden, we have found a partner with whom we can aim at playing a leading role in future mobility issues. With our expertise and our ideas we want to help turn Dresden into a model city for electromobility, intelligent traffic and digitalisation."

Four areas of cooperation were jointly identified. The following key areas will be developed under the "Center of Future Mobility” concept:


  • Smart City + (pilot projects, showcases for future mobility in Dresden)

  • Establishing a joint research lab (joint R&D projects by Volkswagen and Dresden research facilities such as the Dresden Technical University)

  • Advanced Mobility Academy (Promoting qualified young talent for research, development, production and management in the area of E-mobility).

  • Setting up a business incubator at the Gläserne Manufaktur (Startup accelerator to develop innovative software solutions for the mobility of the future)

The full memorandum of understanding (german on can be found at

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