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Culture connects

The charming location on the wide banks of the flowing Elbe river has been attracting curious people from all over europe to Dresden for hundreds of years.

The treasure rooms of the city are filled with world-famous art treasures. For as long as we can remember, Dresden has been a source of fascination to artists and art fans in equal measure. But how is this fascination kept alive lastingly over the centuries? Especially in such fast-paced and changing times as these?


For Dresden, the answer is found in the special connection between people and culture and between culture and the economy. Newly resident factories and companies have come to appreciate not only the advantages Dresden’s infrastructure has to offer, but also the city’s cultural reputation as a weighted argument when it comes to selecting their location. As such, select cultural sponsoring was always a central element to the philosophy of “Die Gläserne Manufaktur”. In this regard, the different types of sponsorship are quite varied: Not only do we provide a unique stage for art and culture, our commitment also makes events and projects possible outside of “Die Gläserne Manufaktur”. Events which distinguish themselves either with their innovation and exclusive character or in the way they promote youth development.


Today, “Die Gläserne Manufaktur” is a permanent fixture in the cultural life of the city and a reliable partner for top-class culture, as proven by the long-term partnership with the Saxon State Orchestra, Dresden and the Semperoper Opera House as well as by the sponsorship of the Moritzburg Festival and the Dresden Musikfestspiele.


Culture builds bridges – it connects people and opens up new paths for cooperation. Investing in culture means building bridges into the future. And we’re not going to stop now!

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