Point of interest: Climate Neutral Factory

We were the first!

The Transparent Factory was Volkswagen's first climate-neutral location. Although there is no press plant in Dresden, car production here is very energy-intensive due to the numerous robots, the electric monorail system and the driverless transport systems. To ensure that Volkswagen meets its self-imposed goal of CO2-neutral production, a wide range of measures are implemented at the site.

Assembly of the parts supplied in the Transparent Factory is climate-neutral. Using natural electricity from 100 percent hydropower, we save 3,600 tonnes of CO2 every year. TÜV-certified green electricity helps to reduce the overall ecological footprint of the Volkswagen brand.


tons CO₂ we save by using natural electricity.

And what about the heat supply? Here, the Transparent Factory releases 400 tonnes of the greenhouse gas CO2 every year. In order to make this emission climate-neutral, VW Kraftwerk is therefore cooperating with the South Pole Group (SPG), the world's largest developer of climate protection projects. The CO2 emissions produced during heat generation are offset with climate certificates for subsidised sustainability projects in China and Brazil.

In addition to these two big levers, the company also looks for every possible way to avoid waste, save electricity and keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. The vision of a "Zero Impact Factory" is being driven forward primarily by the Climate Cabinet, which was founded specifically for this purpose.