Point of interest: The green Factory

Here it hums and chirps.

In the outdoor facilities around the Transparent Factory you can marvel at the diverse flora and fauna. And that does not mean the adjacent Botanical Garden and the Great Garden.

On our grounds, more precisely in the south-eastern part, you will find our bee colonies. At present, 9 colonies of 50,000 animals each live here and are looked after by an employee of the Transparent Factory. The honey, in good years about 40 kg per colony, is distributed through the restaurant e-Vitrum. Please be aware that the availability of honey depends on the performance of the bees and cannot be guaranteed

A wildflower meadow for greater biodiversity, an amphibian fence to protect frogs and other small animals and the absence of chemical pesticides round off the image of the Green Factory.

Birch forest

Mandarin duck

Spring sprouts

Spring flowers