To keep it going: Colleagues in action

In conversation with Jens Ludwig, product expert in the sales team of the Transparent Factory.

Jens, how does a vehicle delivery work at the moment?

In short: differently than before. Due to hygiene regulations and distance regulations, we had to adapt our entire process. Our approach: As friendly as always, as little direct contact as possible. This starts with Plexiglas protection in the shuttle buses and at the customer reception, continues with cold drinks with screw caps and ends with packed lunches for the journey home. We have worked closely together in sales over the past few weeks to find good solutions for our customers. All colleagues have contributed their expertise. It was really fun and brings us closer together - even if the circumstances are not nice, of course.

Keyword briefing: How did you solve this?

We continue to explain, but at a distance, not in such detail and therefore in a shorter time. However, an expert is available for questions after the handover, we present the assistance systems in the video. The way we used to go through all the settings in the new car together in peace and quiet is unfortunately not compatible with the distance regulations. As product experts, we always have personal protective equipment such as gloves at hand and never touch the keys or the car again. This contactless transfer ensures the maximum possible protection against infection. I would also like to thank our colleagues from the delivery workshop and from the service provider Distrex for the vehicle preparation. They work with mouth-nose protection, gloves, disinfection and do a great job. Great!

What is the response from the customers?

I experience them as curious, excited and above all grateful. You have to know: Every customer with an appointment during closing time had the option to pick up his car at the dealership. During the discussions it often becomes clear that the customers have consciously decided to pick up their car at the Transparent Factory - and have also accepted waiting times. This loyalty is greatly appreciated and makes us in the team very happy. I think: We have to make the best out of the situation. There will be other times.

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