To keep it going: Colleagues in action

The man who maintains the event technology: A call to André Wege, responsible for technology in the visitor and event area of the Transparent Factory Dresden.

André, how does your working day currently look?

I'd put it like this: Phone calls, e-mails, going to the factory. Not every day, but regularly. After the technology in the visitor and event area had been shut down in an orderly way during the first week of production shutdown, we quickly developed the ramp-up plan. The emergency plan, for example in the event of malfunctions, has always been in our drawer, adapted to the current conditions.

What are the challenges?

A few days ago, I was in the manufactory servicing the systems that are still in operation. This includes the lighting in the event area, for example. Each of the 60 or so headlights has to be checked. For many technical systems, even those that are currently switched off, the following applies: As a rule, they are designed for continuous operation and permanent power supply. It will be exciting when we start up again. We plan several days of advance planning in order to get everything back on track. Our goal: to be completely ready to start when we reopen for guests as usual. I am in good spirits.


What is your greatest insight?

For me personally: Much can be done from home. But not everything. Sometimes a local presence is simply necessary. A warm greeting to everyone who is on site at any Volkswagen location - we can do it! My thanks also go to our service providers, who support us not only in good times, but also in difficult times. One more thing: I am looking forward to seeing all my colleagues again and to exchanging ideas more intensively. It is often nicer and more fun to work in the office than from home alone.

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