To keep it going: Colleagues in action

Strong in the team for order, cleanliness and a good feeling: A call to Marko Delling, Head of Movement Technology at Transparent Factory Dresden.

New LEDs the ground level: Marko Delling not only checks how the new lights look visually, but also the technical data on the laptop.

Marko, you are still on duty. What is your job?
My colleagues and I are responsible for the building services, energy supply and the maintenance and cleaning of the Transparent Factory. We have to take care of this even when the plant is closed and production is at a standstill. At the moment I'm holding down the fort alone. We are now bringing forward some of the work that we had planned for the plant holidays. For example, we install additional LED lighting and replace worn floor panels in production. We also continue to pay attention to order and cleanliness in the outdoor area. As usual, several service providers help us with all these tasks. At this point I would also like to thank them. We couldn't do it alone.

Also in use during these times: The in-house technicians from the service provider Apleona provide support in the replacement of LEDs, among other things.

Keyword cleaning: How is the planning?
A comprehensive concept is currently being developed to meet the hygiene requirements and to enable safe cooperation when restarting. The intensive cleaning of the Transparent Factory and the logistics center is of course also part of this. We will inform about the details in time and separately. Our claim is: Each of our employees should be able to do his or her job with a good feeling.

You are also working mobile. How does it work?
Good, even if it is already challenging with small children in the household. My twins are five years old and only partly understand that dad is at home but works. Despite everything: I think you always have to look at the positive side. My wife and I split up, talk it out. And in between a break, a quick game of cards with the little ones is also a piece of quality of life.

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