The same procedure every year:
Opening hours in January

With more than 130,000 visitors and event guests per year, parquet floors, walls and furniture have to withstand a lot. In order for you to be able to continue enjoying the beauty of the glass architecture next year as well, we use the month of January every year for extensive renovation work to start fresh.

We endeavour to keep unavoidable closing times as short as possible and, in some cases, also offer alternative routes for guided tours.

Our establishment will be open again from February for you to visit to the e-Adventure World, eat at the e-VITRUM restaurant and make e-road tests. We look forward to seeing you!

The Transparent Factory will be closed to visitors on the following days:

31.12.2018 to 06.01.2019 all day
10.01.2018 until 2pm
28.01.2019 to 01.02.2019 all day
20.02.2019 at 4 pm

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