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Dresden’s newcomer has a tour of its home city. A day out and about in the e-Golf.


We’ve already done a fair few journeys and driven thousands of kilometres in the car. But we’re really itching to try it again because today we’re heading out on a tour of the city in the 100% electric Golf, taking in the Elbe River and the surrounding area. Soon the car’s range will be up to 300 kilometres (NEDC)*.


Gläserne Manufaktur (1)

We connect our smartphone to the car with App Connect and then, using the Car-Net e-remote app, we can see journey data, manage the battery, find where the car is parked, adjust the air conditioning or program a departure time. Once we’ve done this and the car’s fully charged, we set off from Die Gläserne Manufaktur.

Dresden’s newcomer has a tour of its home city. A day out and about in the e-Golf.

Dresden’s newcomer has a tour of its home city. A day out and about in the e-Golf.


We head first for the Elbe, then the steel Loschwitz Bridge (2), known as the Blue Wonder. As we drive along the river, we can see the imposing Albrechts Castles on the hillside opposite  (3).


A little further on there’s Moritzburg Castle (4) surrounded by water. The route there includes plenty of downhill stretches, giving us a great opportunity to let the e-Golf coast and even use the brakes to recuperate energy as we drive.


It’s so quiet in the e-Golf, which is great when you’re out for the whole day. When we get to our destination, Guide & Inform quickly tells us where the closest charging station is. We can marvel at the baroque art and Saxony’s only lighthouse while the e-Golf is topped up again by a few per cent. Charging (and fuelling with plug-in hybrid models) is paid for with cashless payments, using the Charge&Fuel Card. In many places electricity for e-cars is even free at public charging stations. If you park at a charging station, preferably in the daytime as well, the battery gets recharged.


Incidentally, in the near future Volkswagen together with other major manufacturers will be pushing ahead for many routes to be fitted with rapid charging points, supporting Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs. With a charging rate of 350 kilowatts, it means a battery can be charged in practically no time at all compared with a socket at home. Public authorities at federal and communal level are also working to improve the electric mobility infrastructure.


Back in Dresden we get a view of the Golden Horseman (4) – the equestrian monument to August the Strong – and then of Dresden’s skyline featuring Brühl’s Terrace, City Hall, the Frauenkirche, the Royal Palace, the late baroque Dresden Cathedral and the Opera House, before taking the Augustus Bridge back over the Elbe. After a tour through the famous Semperoper (5)  on Theaterplatz, we then go past the Zwinger Palace (6),   one of Germany’s most important baroque buildings, before making a detour to the Neumarkt (10)   with the Frauenkirche (9) and the Luther monument. We fortify ourselves with a slice of traditional Eierschecke cake and an espresso in the Café Reimann before returning to where we started.


Driving the e-Golf was great fun. It's hard to believe how fast an electric car like this can go in the city. It accelerates really well and you can keep up with anyone at the lights. It has that go-kart feel! And we still enjoyed the kind of comfort you get in conventionally powered cars. Perhaps even more so. An e-Golf offers the latest digital notification and operation features.


After a total journey of around 45 km in one day, we’re back at Die Gläserne Manufaktur. That’s it for today. We’re coming to the end of a really great day out with the e-Golf. We just have to connect and recharge – although there’s still around two-thirds of its range left.


The bottom line is that an electric vehicle is quiet and compact and the ranges offered by the electric models out there are already more than enough for many everyday journeys – particularly in congested areas. Volkswagen also offers several e-services that make operating an electric car even easier. For example, if you want to travel long distances or need a car with more room, Expanded Mobility helps with a conventionally powered hire car.


In future, electromobility will be a perfectly normal part of the traffic on our streets. Even now, with the right charging opportunities people can get around exactly as they want to with an electrically powered vehicle. At home too you can speed up recharging with a wallbox to make it even easier – and with the right kind of green electricity product, it won’t just be about reducing your local emissions.

Der neue Dresdner erfährt seine Stadt. Ein Tag unterwegs mit dem e-Golf.

e-Golf: Energy consumption in kWh/100km: 12,7 (combined); CO2-Emissionen (combined) in g/km: 0, efficiency class: A+


* The range quoted is from performing cycles in accordance with the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) on a dynamometer. The actual range is different in practice. Under “real life” driving conditions, the annual average is around 200 km and depends on the style of driving, speed, use of energy-consuming comfort/auxiliary features, outside temperature, number of passengers/load, selection of driving profile (normal, ECO, ECO+) and topography.

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