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“Smart City” Dresden: find the perfect parking space without getting caught in traffic.

The fastest route through the city and a parking space directly at your destination – this is the ideal scenario for every car driver. Thanks to the UMA Navigation app developed specifically for the state capital, this is to now become a reality in Dresden. The smartphone application developed by Wolfsburg AG within the cooperation between Volkswagen Saxony and the state capital of Dresden can be downloaded for free on Android and Apple phones.

Here’s how it works: To determine the best route, UMA Navigation checks the current traffic situation at regular intervals and also takes historical traffic data into account. The trick: Combined with an algorithm that uses swarm intelligence to coordinate users’ routes entirely anonymously, traffic on the selected route is reduced or even prevented entirely.

The navigation app moreover offers users up-to-date information on the parking situation in Dresden. It includes 32 multi-storey car parks and parking areas with a total of 7,800 parking spaces that can be selected as the destination. Depending on the availability of spaces, the app also suggests alternative parking.

An intelligent network: the app, developed by Wolfsburg AG as part of the Urban Mobility Assistance (UMA) project, shows just how a “Smart City” could work. Why not give it a try for yourself in the state capital of Dresden?

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