Jetzt Teilen.

The countdown is on:

After successful participation in a contest for the incubator, the first six start-ups moved in “Die Gläserne Manufaktur”. Now, they have to prove the economic efficiency of their creative and innovative solutions.

After three months, the teams have to present their first results. If they are convincing, the start-ups can keep developing their ideas to market maturity. Around the end of 2017/the beginning of 2018, new start-ups will follow.




the Dresden-based team already operates a successful utility vehicle hire portal. They now wish to expand the concept to corporate car sharing to enable private customers to also access the vehicle fleet, thus tapping into unexploited potential: maximum usage of a wide range of offers.




the spin-off of the “Smart City” research group at the University of Freiburg combines geographical information and user data to predict customer behaviour. In Dresden, Geospin wishes to identify the ideal locations for charging stations and car sharing, for example.


Smart City System

this start-up has developed a sensor system to determine the spaces available in a car park in real time. The system helps to navigate car drivers to free parking spaces, reducing inner-city congestion caused by the long and tedious lengthy search for a parking space in the process.



the young entrepreneurs wish to help expand the network of charging stations for electric vehicles in cooperation with local retailers. They have developed a bonus system for retailers that is financed by adverts on the charging stations (“digital advertising pillars”).





the telematics start-up has already developed an intelligent driving assistant that provides car drivers, insurance companies, car sharing companies and fleet customers with important data on driving behaviour and rewards aspects such as economical driving with a bonus system. The aims include to reduce fuel consumption.



the company is developing a new type of electric cargo pedelec that offers weather protection and goods transport capabilities. It is mainly intended for short-distance parcel deliveries and can also drive autonomously.


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