An app instead of coins: Parking and finding a spot to become easier in Dresden

No coins, no parking ticket – no problem: With the travipay app, the future of parking is coming to Dresden. In seven parking garages, drivers can now pay without cash by using stickers and cards.

Who hasn’t been there. You’re in a rush, finding a parking spot takes an eternity and, to top it all off, you’re out of coins. Now Volkswagen is bringing its subsidiary travipay to Dresden to ensure that this particular nuisance is soon a thing of the past. The parking app from Sunhill Technologies, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services, enables drivers to pay their parking fees in seven Dresden parking garages digitally. And if you save the location of your car in the app, it can navigate you back to your vehicle later.

travipay Premium customers receive both the travipay Card and the travipay Sticker. Affixed to the windshield, the sticker contains a long-range tag that automatically opens the gates of some of the participating parking garages when you drive in and out of them. For the other garages, the user can simply hold the card up to the reader at the gate. The technology differs depending on the parking garage.

The sticker can be used in Dresden at the following parking garages from APCOA:

  • Taschenbergpalais (Kleine Brüdergasse 3)
  • Haus am Zwinger (Kleine Brüdergasse 3)
  • Schillergalerie (Hüblerstraße 8)
  • Straßburger Platz (Straßburger Platz)

The card is used in these parking garages from OPG:

  • Centrum Galerie (Reitbahnstraße)
  • Bautzner Straße (Bautzner Straße 29)
  • Löbtau Passage (Kesselsdorfer Straße 1)
No more detours to the pay station or fruitless searches for change

The app can be downloaded via the travipay website, the App Store or Google Play Store. Premium customers pay € 2.49 per month. Payment is calculated precisely to the minute and can be made by bank transfer or credit card – carrying around a bunch of change is a thing of the past. The parking charges are based on the fees set by the respective parking garage operators.

The parking app is in use all around Germany. So if you download travipay to park in Dresden, you can use it nationwide – at 200 locations, including airports.

With travipay, Volkswagen is bringing new digitalization modules to Dresden. Background: In November 2016, Volkswagen Saxony and the state capital of Dresden agreed to develop Dresden as a model city for sustainable and integrated urban mobility. The goal is to assume a nationwide pioneering role in the fields of expanding charging infrastructure, transitioning municipal fleets to electric vehicles, promoting start-ups in the Gläserne Manufaktur and digitalizing the city. In short: Mobility in Dresden is to be made cleaner, quieter, more comfortable and safer.

The Gläserne Manufaktur, in turn, is developing into a Center of Future Mobility. In the Start-up Incubator, 11 start-ups have researched and implemented mobility services of the future with substantive support from the city. To make transportation in the state capital more efficient and sustainable, we have developed the UMA Navigation app. The mobility assistant helps prevent traffic jams and thus lessens the environmental impact. And we're now going one step further with travipay.

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