MOBIpoint: Hub of Urban Mobility

In Dresden, you only need to step outside the door of the Gläserne Manufaktur to gain an impression of future city mobility: the MOBIpoint is a hub of urban mobility! The essential features of the new transport concept.

Imagine that you want to get to your destination quickly in a city. Are you shaking your head and breaking into a sweat? Are you thinking: “Too much congestion, long waiting times, not much choice of mode of transport, and I’ll end up having to walk the last few meters”?

Cities mean lots of people and lots of traffic – and, in addition, the desire for more sustainable, convenient and flexible mobility, not to mention a high quality of urban life. Modern mobility concepts must take into account and reconcile a number of factors. One promising solution is known as the MOBIpoint (or MOBIpunkt in German), which is a hub that provides a clever answer to the question of how people in the future will get from A to B.

What’s the idea behind the MOBIpoint? “MOBI” stands for “Mobility,” and the idea of these points is to bundle city-friendly and environmentally friendly mobility offers, making the user more flexible and urban mobility easier. People can travel in a “multi-mobile” way – which enhances their general quality of life and is good for the environment. In practice, this means that users can switch between rail, bus, car-sharing and rental bikes; there are also charging columns for e-cars and e-bikes at the MOBIpunkt in front of the Gläserne Manufaktur. All modes of transport are bundled and available in one place – and there are several of these places within the city.

Dresden has over half a million inhabitants, and with so many people, naturally more than just a few MOBIpoints are needed for the concept to remain easy and flexible and to gain acceptance. The MOBIpoint at the Gläserne Manufaktur is labeled with the number two; in total, a network of 76 mobility points is planned for Dresden.

Why, and how, is Volkswagen getting involved? Volkswagen is in the process of developing from an automotive manufacturer into a mobility provider. In front of the Gläserne Manufaktur, you can see how this theory is lived out in practice: Volkswagen provides the space for the new MOBIpoint free of charge, vehicles can be rented out from their long-term partner, and there are parking spaces for two Volkswagen vehicles from teilAuto.

An overview of the MOBIpoint service: here’s how it works!
  • The Dresden Public Transport Authority (in German, Dresdener Verkehrsbetriebe, or DVB for short) gets the city moving – with trams, buses, cable cars and ferries. Users can reach almost every part of the city reliably, around the clock, at 10-minute intervals during the day. Tickets can be bought at many stations and stops, in the vehicles, and conveniently by using the official “DVB mobil” app.

    Find out more at: &

  • Get on your bike! Rental bikes complete your trip by bus, rail or car – and enable travelers to get quickly and directly to their destination. In Dresden, there are a total of 600 rental bikes, which are available around the clock.

    1. Register on or in the nextbike app, create a customer account and deposit a starting balance.

    2. Select a bike, enter the bicycle number into the app and receive the 4-digit lock code. If the bike has already been equipped with a new frame lock, this opens automatically.

    3. Open the bike lock and cycle away.

    4. To return the bike, simply deposit it at an official sz-bike station or any location in the flex zone. Don’t forget to lock the bike, then use the app to confirm that you have returned it. If the bike has already been equipped with a new frame lock, the return is automatically recorded after it has been locked.

    Find out more at:, service: 030 692 050 46

  • Those who don’t want to use their own car in Dresden can rely on teilAuto’s flexibility and wide range of products and services: 170 stations with 280 vehicles are available in Dresden. Using teilAuto is very simple: register once, book around the clock and just drive away – for just an hour, or for several days.

    1. Register at, create a customer account and then present your driver’s license and ID card at a DVB or teilAuto service point to have the account activated.

    2. The car can be booked at a MOBIpoint or teilAuto station using the teilAuto app, online, or by telephone.

    3. To unlock the car, simply use your teilAuto customer card or teilAuto app.

    4. The car is returned to the car-sharing station from which it was leased. To lock the car, simply use the teilAuto customer card or teilAuto app.

    Find out more at:, service: 0345 44 5000

  • Users can charge their own e-bikes at the charging stations for electric bikes. It is twice as fast as charging at home, and simple to use. You can rent or purchase a suitable charging cable. Find out more at:

  • The solar-powered e-mobility station at the Gläserne Manufaktur is accessible to the public and open for you around the clock! Find out more at hier

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