Success makers – expertise that you can benefit from. The third lecture evening.

DDV Media Group, the Transparent Factory and SPRECHERHAUS® offer you a head start through a series of eight lectures. In the fifth evening seminar, Tobias Beck (international speaker, university lecturer and consultant) explains why we would do well to rid ourselves of “squatters”, in line with the idea that “You are the sum of the people surrounding you”.

Don’t miss out on the chance to hear from Germany’s most sought-after speakers at the Transparent Factory. All eight themes relate to the topic of “personal development”, from self-confidence, via communication skills and understanding human nature, to skills providing you with a competitive edge. They offer you the chance to build on your expertise through concise 90-minute evening seminars. This exclusive and comprehensive offering is suitable for anyone focused on success who is interested in identifying their personal potential, fuelling their knowledge and giving their brain a workout.

The lecture on March 20, 2019 is the fifth in a series of eight lectures. Here is a look back at the first lecture evening.

Who are life’s superstars?

Everyone needs attention and recognition. “Squatters” satisfy this need by telling the world how dreadful their lives are. If you aim to be successful in life, you need to ban these people from your life as far as possible. In his keynote speech on life without “squatters”, Tobias Beck explains how to bring out the superstar in yourself.


March 20, 2019

Order of events

6.30 p.m. Doors open
7.00 p.m. Lecture begins
8.30 p.m. Lecture ends
From 8.30 p.m. After Work Lounge with guided tours of the Transparent Factory

From 5.30 p.m., anyone feeling peckish is free to enjoy a quick dinner at the restaurant e-VITRUM by Mario Pattis (please reserve in advance).


Gläserne Manufaktur | Lennéstraße 1 | 01069 Dresden


single ticket € 49

Further information and advance ticket sales

Telephone: 02561 – 69 565 170 (9 a.m. – 12 noon | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., Monday to Friday)

Further dates

17 Apr 2019 | The mystery of memory.
There’s a superbrain inside everyone’s head
Speaker Markus Hofmann on the power of memory
15 May 2019 | Winning over friends and enemies.
Speaker René Borbonus on respect
19 Jun 2019 | From a person to a personality, using the seven pillars of power.
Speaker Suzanne Grieger-Langer on personality


DDV Mediengruppe | Ostra-Allee 20 | 01067 Dresden

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