You’ve got to see this: faces of a city

A trip to Dresden is many things, but boring is not one of them. Whether you’re in the Altstadt, Neustadt or somewhere nearby: Six short films show the highlights of Dresden Elbland – in a very individual style.

Foto: Sven Döring

What would you say to Dresden if you had to write the city a letter? This is the question behind the video “Dear Dresden,” in which denizens of the city share their thoughts. They’re happy, they’re enthusiastic, they’re contemplative, they’re thoughtful ... and they’re always passionate about life. Produced by the makai Europa agency

Dearest Dresden...

Dresden is best known for its Old Town, the Altstadt. Here one finds baroque architecture and historic squares mingled with exquisite restaurants and palatial homes. But Dresden has much more to offer as well. Nature, pleasure, adventure and joie de vivre. This lighthearted spirit is embodied by the film “Ein schönes Fleckchen zum Genießen”[ A lovely spot to savor] by the Zebra agency.

A nice place to enjoy

Dresden plays host to over four million overnight stays by tourists every year. But sightseeing is far from the only reason they come: Dresden is also one of Germany’s top ten conference destinations. A characteristic highlighted by the twenty4pictures agency in its film “Convention meets Culture.”

Convention meets Culture

On warm summer nights, it’s the most popular meeting place for residents of Dresden and tourists alike: banks of the Elbe. The Knitterfish agency presents a humorous take on the delights of life along the river in its short film “Leben am Fluss” [Life on the river].

Life by the river

Colorful, loud and creative: A somewhat different Dresden is found in the New Town – Neustadt. With quaint pubs beside hip restaurants, façades bedecked in street art, small concert halls and antique shops shoulder to shoulder on the lively streets, Neustadt is alive with urban verve. But see for yourself in the film “Bunt. Laut. Neustadt” [Colorful. Loud. Neustadt]. Produced by Sebastian Linda / David Campesino

Colorful. Loud. Neustadt.

Mountaineers, urban adventurers, entrepreneurs: Dresden is home to people from many walks of life. Five of them tell their stories in “Gesichter einer Stadt” [Faces of a city].  Produced by the RAVIR FILM agency

Faces of a city

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