“I tell you, the future is here”: Sidney explains e-mobility

When is a car an e-car? Presenter Sidney Hoffmann answers the most important questions about e-cars, charging stations and range.

Electrifying atmosphere and rethinking mobility. When is a car electric, and what is a plug-in hybrid? Who better to answer such questions in a simple, illuminating and entertaining way than Dortmund’s presenter and entrepreneur Sidney Hoffmann, well-known from the TV docusoaps “The PS professionals – more power from the Pott” and “2 professionals for 4 wheels”, as well as the YouTube channel “Sidney Industries”. For Volkswagen, the 39-year-old regularly explains important facts about Volkswagen Service – for example, about brakes, engine oil or vehicle inspections. In this video, he looks at everyday life with an e-car – a small insight into a large topic:

Sidney explains e-Mobility

Charging station instead of gas station – or simply using the energy at home? Together with Sidney Hoffmann, you can rethink mobility and learn more about electromobility with a touch of Ruhr valley charm: When is a car electric, how do you charge it properly and what should you think about during repairs? In Sidney’s words: “A small insight into a large topic. I tell you, the future is here!”

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Squeaking tires in the multi-level car park, flying grass in the stadium, electrifying atmosphere at a charging station – Sidney explains issues about your vehicle:

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