Comparison: your car vs. the ID.3

Do the EV Check and find out how your car performs against an ID.31, e-Golf2 or e-up!3. The free “Volkswagen EV Check” app makes it possible to experience e-mobility.

Intelligent, innovative and sustainable: the ID. models mark the beginning of a new era in electric mobility. And above all: for everyone. But how does an ID.31, e-Golf2 or e-up!3 perform against current models available on the market?

“Our free ‘Volkswagen EV Check’ app offers all those interested, the opportunity to test in their current vehicle how an electric model from Volkswagen meets their own individual requirements,” explains Matthias Krause, Project Manager Digital Car Visualization at Volkswagen.

Every driver with a smartphone – the app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – can experience the Volkswagen EV Check in just a few simple steps. 
This is how it works:

The app is available in the Apple App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.

Step 2: The app only needs a few megabytes of smartphone storage space; it starts quickly and is easy to use. Tutorials within the app demonstrate how everything works.

Step 3: From Alfa Romeo to ZAZ – in the app you can choose your own vehicle from numerous models, which compares it to the electric Volkswagen models.

Step 4: Whilst on the road with your own vehicle, the journey is recorded via GPS.

Step 5: After a journey, the user receives information on the distance travelled in their own vehicle: estimated fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs.

Step 6: Users of the “Volkswagen EV Check” app will find lots of useful information about the all-electric Volkswagen models and charging infrastructure.

“Our app should simply introduce users to the topic of electromobility and provide inspiration and information,” says Matthias Krause. “A user has access to the following information: distance travelled, estimated fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared with their own vehicle, as well as the estimated costs for the distance travelled.

The first evaluations and reviews in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store already speak for themselves, the positive feedback outweighs by far! “Super App. You get a good feeling for how much you drive and what you save on “fuel costs” when you drive an e-car. That’s more than 60% with me!!! Awesome!” writes User Thoomse.

The ID.3 in a virtual space

But the app can do even more! Users can view the Volkswagen ID.31 in Augmented Reality (AR). The real world – recorded with a phone’s camera – is expanded by virtual aspects on the smartphone. On the phone’s display one can see the Volkswagen ID.3 in its real environment, for example in front of your garage or on your desk. Equipment details and functions, even in the car itself, can thus be experienced interactively.

Within the app, thanks to AR (Augmented Reality), you can fade in a 3D model of the Volkswagen ID.3 into your own reality. So you can see the first model of the ID. Family from the outside and inside.

The app also includes an overview map of the nearest charging stations, a comprehensive FAQs section – referring to all questions relating to electromobility – and the simulation of required charging times and levels. Developer Matthias Krause also knows what the next updates of the app will bring. “We are planning to make all future electric models from Volkswagen experienceable in the app.” So those who install early will soon have all the information in their own hands.

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1 ID.3: The vehicle is not yet available for sale in Europe

2 e-Golf: Power consumption in kWh/100 km: 14.1 combined (17-inch) - 13,2 (16-inch); CO2 emissions in g/km: 0 (combined); efficiency class: A+

3 e-up!: Power consumption combined 13,8 - 12,9 kWh/100 km - CO2 emissions in g/km: 0 combined - efficiency class: A+