Volkswagen in Saxony

Saxony is a region with numerous automotive production sites.

Beside "Die Gläserne Manufaktur", the Volkswagen brand has two other factories in the region of Saxony with a vehicle plant in Zwickau and an engine plant in Chemnitz. Altogether they form the Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH.


Vehicle plant in ZwickauIm Fahrzeugwerk Zwickau wird die Karosse des Phaeton gefertigt.

In the Zwickau vehicle plant, they have produced not only the beloved Golf and the Passat limousine, but also the car bodies for the Bentley Continental series and the Phaeton since 2000. After the Phaeton bodies have passed through the stops of pressing, body construction and painting, they reach "Die Gläserne Manufaktur". The interesting thing here is: the artisan-like production does not begin in our Dresden factory, but rather in these three preliminary steps.



Engine plant in ChemnitzZur Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH zählt auch das Motorenwerk in Chemnitz.

The Chemnitz engine plant is broken down into mechanical processing, engine assembly and component assembly, and the service areas. The production of the four-cylinder petrol engines MPI, TSI, CNG and diesel engines takes place at this location. The engine plant is also the exclusive supplier of TSI technology - direct petrol injection with turbocharging or double charging. Furthermore, balance shaft drives, components, piston rods and crankshafts are also produced there.

In the more than 20 years since Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH was founded in 1990, over 4 million Volkswagens and roughly 10 million Volkswagen engines have been built. An extraordinary contribution to 100 years of automobile assembly in Saxony.


Learn more about Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH here.

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